#educationprkl / SYL and SAMOK’s electoral campaign 2019

Web page of #educationprkl 

The main theme of the student movement’s election campaign is intergenerational equity. We need to agree that sustainable solutions cannot be achieved by reducing young people’s opportunities to make a living, get an education and live on this planet in general. Above all, we need decision-makers who think further ahead than a single term of office.

SYL and SAMOK’s shared focus is on education, income and the climate. The past four years have not been a golden age for students, but now we have the opportunity to change direction.

Our electoral campaign, the theme of which is the #educationprkl, will focus on topics that are important to the students during the elections, with enthusiasm and positivity, but at the same time, it challenges the decision makers with certainty. We want to see the solutions and to be heard. That’s why we ask the decision makers through the campaign: What is your solution?

We want to make decision-makers aware of the unfair situation of students: it is not fair that one group of people is forced to live under the poverty line from one semester to another. So we say to the decision makers: you decide when I will graduate.

Higher education guarantees a better future for all and therefore it needs to be invested. We ask: What are the ways to do this and how much will be invested in education during the next government term?

The campaign also highlights the climate as a generation issue. We must join to the fight against climate change. The campaign is challenging to think about solutions to halt climate change.

We have a lot of faith in the future, because we are the ones building it and we will do it together.