SYL stands up for the student

SYL is involved in many kinds of associations, foundations and companies that promote wellbeing and a better future for students.

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FSHS i.e. the Finnish Student Health Service offers general, mental and oral health services for students in higher education studying for a basic degree. The Finnish Student Health Service was founded by SYL.


Frank is the students’ own benefit service which gathers all student benefits in Finland. In addition to benefits of monetary value, Frank also provides the national student card. SYL is one of the founders and owners of Frank.




Nyyti ry is an association working to promote students’ mental wellbeing and life management e.g. through peer support. SYL is one of Nyyti ry’s members.

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SOA ry

The Finnish Association of Student Housing Organisations SOA ry is the advocacy and cooperation association for student housing organisations. SYL is one of SOA ry’s members. You can also get information about student housing from your own student union.