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Miikka Koski, a student at the University of Turku and a municipal election candidate, writes about the importance of preventing marginalisation. According to him, it is in the interest of each city and particularly Finland to create an easy path from lecture hall to working life for everyone with a Master’s, Bachelor’s or university of applied sciences degree, with support from businesses and the municipality. Koski explains it would be particularly important for young candidates in the municipal elections to work together to create an initiative about increasing cooperation between students and businesses. Koski also mentions internships as a common way for many students to move into working life. Therefore, he says, student councillors should promote the creation of internships in their home town. Koski writes that individual student guidance, introducing new employment opportunities and above all promoting shared spaces for distance work in urban planning will be the touchstones for the following terms of the local council, which will measure the motivation of future municipal decision makers to help graduates stay in the city.


Miikka Koski

The writer is a student at the University of Turku and a candidate in the municipal elections in Turku.

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