Material bank

You will find the documents that guide SYL’s operations in the Material bank. Find the desired document in the list below and open it as a pdf document in a new window. You will find all SYL’s publications in the file management system M-files. M-files is currently unavailable, we are looking into it.

M-Files: user manual

M-files is currently unavailable, we are looking into it. The M-Files file management program is used for SYL’s material bank. M-Files does not have a folder structure, so the files do not have a permanent location. Instead you can locate files through the search function.  
  1. Enter your search terms into the search field
  2. After performing the search you will see the column Document date. By clicking this, the documents will be displayed in chronological order
  3. Open a document or a collection of documents by double clicking


The latest lists of decisions or statements can be found by typing “list of decisions” or “statement” and by arranging the documents in chronological order. Please use clear and short search terms, such as “Plan of Action” or “Policy Paper”.