The effects of the coronavirus in Finnish universities

Preventing the spread of coronavirus will effect the everyday lives of students in Finnish universities. In this web page, we are collecting information from different organisations to keep you updated on the changes.

The key concern under the circumstances is to guarantee the safety of students and staff in higher education. SYL is working closely with the authorities and higher education institutions to ensure that studies can continue with as little disruption as possible.

We are following and complying with guidelines issued by the authorities at all times. We will comply with any changing guidelines and share any necessary information.

Any short-term illness or exceptional situation should result in as few problems as possible in terms of study progress.


Ministry of Education and Culture has gathered information about the impacts of coronavirus on education and culture. Read more: The impact of coronavirus on education and culture

Universities Finland UNIFI: University entrance exams to be replaced by alternative admissions procedures this spring

The page is updated when new information arrives.

International students
Finland has temporarily suspended the reception and processing of ordinary visa and residence permit applications in the missions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications for residence permits that have been received will be initiated in the normal manner, and submitted and forwarded to the Finnish Immigration Service for consideration, in case the applicants have identified themselves at the mission before that. Identifications and interviews related to residence permit applications have also been suspended for the time being. If you’re coming to study in Finland from abroad, please follow the Finnish Immigration Services’ and Foreign Affairs Ministry’s briefings here:

If you are already in Finland, please use the Enter Finland online service to fill in your residence permit application:

Here is the summary of how students may apply for residence permits by Migri:

If you have any other concerns as an international student, please be in touch with your local student union first.

Updated 5.5.

Instructions by universities and student unions
The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has released recommendations for schools and higher education institutions to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Universities will be closed beginning 18th of March until 13th of April. Read more:

Please contact your university and student union for more information.

Aalto University and Aalto University Student Union

University of Helsinki and Student Union of the University of Helsinki

University of Eastern Finland and The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland

University of Jyväskylä and The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä

University of Lapland and The Student Union of the University of Lapland 

LUT University and The Student Union of Lappeenranta University of Technology

University of Oulu and The Student Union of the University of Oulu

Hanken School of Economics and The Student Union at Hanken school of Economics

University of the Arts and ArtSu

Tampere University and Student Union of Tampere University

University of Turku and The Student Union of the University of Turku

University of Vaasa and The Student Union of the University of Vaasa

Åbo Akademi University and The Student Union of the Åbo Akademi University

Updated 17.3.

Student benefits

Kela is providing information about the effects of the corona virus regarding student benefits. Read more: 

Student restaurant have been given a permission to sell student priced meals for take away. Please check the opening hours of your local student cafeteria, since there might be restrictions.

Updated 17.3.

With questions regarding your housing situation, please check the information provided by your student housing foundation or lessor. 

Updated 16.3.

Erasmus exchanges
Follow updates from the Finnish National Agency of Education, here is information on how the coronavirus will affect your Erasmus studies: 

The force majeure procedures will be viewed on case-by-case processes.

Please always turn first to your university and student union coordinating your exchange.

Updated 16.3.

Instructions by the Finnish health officials

Finnish Institute for health and welfare is updating information about the coronavirus COVID-19 in Finland. Read more: 

Updated 16.3.

Instructions by the Finnish Student Health Service

In case you have mild symptoms and you do not belong to a risk group, then stay home until you have no symptoms. Mild symptoms include a runny nose, a cough, throat ache, muscle ache and fever. Read the instructions by the Finnish institute for health and welfare on home care.

In case your symptoms are indicative of an acute respiratory tract infection with symptoms that include a fever, of more than 38 degrees Celsius, and you have a cough and/or dyspnea and you have traveled abroad in recent weeks or been in close contact with someone who is a laboratorium verified COVID-19 coronavirus infection then you are advised to take contact with your local public health care center or its on call number. Health care professionals there will further instruct you on what to do next.

Current information concerning the coronavirus

Updated 16.3.