General Assembly

General Assembly 2016

Hotel Korpilampi 18.-19.11.2016

Translation of the final documents for the SYL General Assembly 18–19.11.2016 at Korpilampi, Espoo. The official documents are in Finnish.

01 List of Documents

02 Schedule

03 Member invitation

05 The board’s proposal for agenda for the general assembly

06 Meeting Guidelines

07 Proposal for Policy Paper

08a Plan of work

08b A political snapshot of 2017

09 Proposal for Budget 2017

10 Medium term financial plan

11 Time for generational policy

12 Boards report on activities since previous GA

13 The board’s response to internal motions

16 Proposal for collecting membership fee and penalty interest

17a Development cooperation guidelines 2017–2020

17b Esitys taustasta ja SYL:n kehitysyhteistyöstä

17c Summary of the funding analysis