The National Union of University Students in Finland SYL, the Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences – SAMOK and Väestöliitto want to thank the Government for the decision made during the mid-term review to re-introduce the provider supplement to the financial aid for students. A 75-euro provider supplement will not fill the gap left by the cuts the Government have made to the financial aid for students in higher education, but it is a step in the right direction as it takes into account the special situation of student families. This change is also a signal that it is seen as acceptable to start a family while studying, and that the Government wants to support this.

The provider supplement was removed from the financial aid for students in the 1990s during a major reform to the financial aid. Re-introducing the provider supplement has been the aim of student organisations ever since. The changes that have been made to weaken the financial aid for students over several years have had the largest impact on the financial situation of student families. Students with children are more likely than other students to work during their studies and to take out a loan to guarantee a sufficient income.

“It is a great thing that the Government is making the support of students with children a high priority in a situation where there is not a great deal of room for flexibility in the public finances. The provider supplement will make the situation of many students with children easier amid cuts to financial aid for students,” the organisations state.


Further information:


Riina Lumme, President of SYL,, tel. 044 906 5007

Anni Koivisto, President of SAMOK,, tel. 050 389 1000

Eija Koivuranta, Managing Director of Väestöliitto,, tel. (09) 2280 5101

In March SYL, SAMOK and Väestöliitto published a joint campaign to support the provider supplement. During the campaign, several articles by experts and experts by experience were published.


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