SYL’s Board 2021 held its constitutive meeting

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The Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2021 held their constitutive meeting and divided areas of responsibilities among the Board Members. The Board also decided on the respective sponsored student unions. Each Board Member is appointed specific sponsored student unions, for whom they serve as a sort of godparent and contact person this year. This makes it easier for people at the student unions to contact their sponsor in the SYL Board with questions and comments.


Areas of responsibilities:

Annika Nevanpää: SYL President, tel. +358 44 906 5007

Aleksi Sandroos: SYL Vice President, ownership steering and language policy

Ville Jäppinen: Board Member, education policy, municipal elections and ESU

Konstantin Kouzmitchev: Board Member, EU and ESU, international students

Akseli Rouvari: Board Member, communications, social policy (student finances, housing), the environment and climate

Camilla Saarinen: Board Member, education policy, SYL100, organisations and culture

Saara Tenhovuori: Board Member, social policy (student health care, well-being, equality), working life, development policy.


Sponsored student unions:

Aleksi Sandroos: VYY

Ville Jäppinen: TREY, JYY

Konstantin Kouzmitchev: AYY, LTKY

Akseli Rouvari: HYY, ArtSU, SHS

Camilla Saarinen: TYY, ÅAS, OYY

Saara Tenhovuori: ISYY, LYY, SKY.


Our email addresses are in the form Scandinavian characters are replaced by: ä=a, ö=o, å=a. You can find our contact details on

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