SYL’s board 2024 held its constitutive meeting

The Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2024 held their constitutive meeting and divided areas of responsibilities among the Board Members. Each Board Member is also appointed specific sponsored student unions, for whom they serve as a sort of godparent and contact person this year. This makes it easier for people at the student unions to contact their sponsor in the SYL Board with questions and comments.

Areas of responsibilities:

Akseli Tiitta
p. 044 906 5004

Irja Vaateri
vice president, communications, language issues, organisational cooperation, student culture
p. 044 202 8433

Aino Halinen
social policy (student finances, housing), sustainability, development cooperation
p. 044 906 5007

Jesse Häyhä
social policy (FSHS, well-being, equality), European Elections
p. 044 906 5003

Totti Korpua
education policy (university funding and structural development of universities), working life
p. 044 906 5001

Jaakko Sirén
education policy (student admissions, open university, continuous learning, quality of education, academic affairs), ESU, climate policy
p. 044 906 5002

Eugenie Touma van der Meulen
EU and ESU, internationality, European Elections
p. 044 906 5005

Sponsored student unions:

Irja Vaateri: ISYY, SHS

Aino Halinen: JYY, TREY

Jesse Häyhä: LYY, VYY

Totti Korpua: OYY, ÅAS, SKY

Jaakko Sirén: HYY, TYY

Eugenie Touma van der Meulen: LTKY, ArtSU, AYY

Our email addresses are in the form firstname.lastname(a) Scandinavian characters are replaced by: ä=a, ö=o, å=a. You can find our contact details on

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