SYL’s digital pedagogy vision now available in three languages

Press release 12.9.2023

National Union of University Students in Finland’s digital pedagogy vision “Student-centred digital pedagogy” is now available for reading. The vision was published at PedaForum in summer 2023, and it has now also been translated into English and Swedish.

The vision aims to define SYL’s opinions and support student unions and universities in the development of student-centred digital pedagogy. In recent years, universities have been struggling to balance between distance, local and hybrid education, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence adding its own dimension. These developments have challenged the pedagogical practices of higher education institutions and highlighted the importance of digital competence. The vision also recognises the numerous potential uses of learning analytics to improve the everyday life of university communities.

Read the vision here.

Further information:

Roosa Grönberg
Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
044 906 5001

Nikolas Bursiewicz
Education Policy Adviser
041 515 2230

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