SYL’s Finnish abbreviation to be used as an acronym

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) has decided to use the Finnish abbreviation SYL as an acronym. The new spelling is in line with the rest of the abbreviation’s usage as it has become an established acronym in speech.

‘Student movement for a better tomorrow is ready to change with the times and wants to maintain standards of grammatical correctness in its activities’, says Lotta Leinonen, SYL’s president.

The abbreviation SYL is written in all capitals, except for suffixes. Before the decision was taken, SYL asked the Institute for the Languages of Finland for advice on the use of the abbreviation.

The new style will be introduced in SYL’s future materials.

Further information:

Lotta Leinonen
President, SYL
044 906 5004

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