The Climate Network of SYL 2023–2024 has started its work!

Press release 11.9.2023

The Climate Network of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) has started its work. The aim of the network is to develop the climate action of SYL and the student unions and reinforce the role of students in the work against the climate crisis. The Climate Network consists of students active in student unions who will be developing the climate action of the student movement, participating in climate action as an advisory body, and producing texts in support of the climate work.

Suvi-Tuuli Ryhänen (LTKY) will serve as the chairperson for the Climate Network for the 20232024 season.

Other appointed members of the Climate Network are:

Iikka Meriläinen (LYY)
Liina Korkiamäki (JYY)
Mari Van Den Berg (TYY)
Tiina-Lotta Paju (OYY)
Wilma Branders (AYY)
Olivia Matinlauri (LTKY)

Further information:

Antti Regelin
Member of the board, National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
044 906 5005

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