The General Assembly confirmed the guidelines for SYL’s development cooperation work for the years 2017-2020

syl_kehyThe General Assembly unanimously decided that SYL will continue to work with development cooperation, despite the financial challenges in the development cooperation sector. Operations will be remodelled by intensifying the cooperation between SYL and interested student unions. This means that projects will be planned and implemented in greater collaboration than so far. SYL will mainly apply for funding from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for projects abroad as well as for communication and global education carried out in Finland. The required self-financing will continue to be raised by donations from students and others.

As defined in the development cooperation strategy, in our activities abroad we will focus more on accessibility to education, quality and on student influence. Our emphasis will change from basic education to continuing and higher education, since SYL believes that higher education holds a key position for developing society.

SYL will also continue the student unions’ joint work for global education in Finland. The theme week for development cooperation will continue to be the highlight of communications and global education, but the events will be spread out more. Within the projects for communication and global education, we will strive for more on contact with working life and global education, since global issues now concern all fields.

The planning of new projects and forming partnerships in accordance with the new guidelines will commence in 2017. Projects will be planned together with the student unions who are interested in taking part. The intention is to have the applications ready in spring 2018.

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