The SYL Board for 2024 has been elected

The General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), which represents the approximately 140,000 students at Finnish universities, has elected a new Board for 2024. The General Assembly also made decisions on next year’s Plan of Work and SYL’s finances.

The new SYL President is Akseli Tiitta, 23, from the Student Union of the University of Turku.

As well as the President, the General Assembly also elected six Board Members:
Jesse Häyhä (LYY)
Jaakko Sirén (Student Union of National Coalition Party)
Totti Korpua (AYY)
Aino Halinen (TREY)
Eugenie Tuoma van der Meulen (ArtSU)
Irja Vaateri (HYY)

‘We have a really inspiring board, with great personalities and a wide range of skills. We will go out with great energy to continue defending the rights of students next year’, the new President Akseli Tiitta says.

The General Assembly of SYL has issued a statement calling for justice between generations in higher education. Younger generations are facing major societal challenges that require a generation in one piece to solve.

‘Supporting students requires both education policy and social policy measures. For example, by improving the funding of education, we will have a well-educated and, by securing livelihoods, healthy generation’, says Tiitta.

SYL’s General Assembly was held at Tampere University on Friday and Saturday 17–18 November. The full statement from the General Assembly can be read on SYL’s website:

There are many posts on social media (, and about SYL’s General Assembly under the hashtag #SYLliittari.

More information:

Roope Tukia, Secretary General, tel. +358 45 135 4314
Akseli Tiitta, President for 2024, tel. +358 40 355 9910

SYL Board Members for 2024:

Jesse Häyhä, tel. +358 50 5674 112
Jaakko Sirén, tel. +358 44 011 0612
Totti Korpua, tel. +358 40 482 4213
Aino Halinen, tel. +358 50 573 9644
Eugenie Tuoma van der Meulen
Irja Vaateri, tel. +358 44 202 8433

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