Celebrating student life throughout SYL’s centenary


Free for publication on 11 February 2021


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Union of University Students in Finland! Come and celebrate SYL’s centenary and the student movement!


SYL’s 100th anniversary will be a celebration for all students. Students helped to make Finland the modern welfare society it is today. For example, our joint efforts have produced results including the student meal subsidy, healthcare and study grant.

Now it’s your turn – tell us what being a student means to you! What would be missing from your life if you hadn’t experienced the ups and downs of student life? What did the future look like when you were a student? In honour of our jubilee year, we are collecting memories and thoughts about what being a student means to Finns and what it is like to be a student. So tell us your best memory of being a student at syl100.fi/en and share your story on social media using the hashtags #SYL100 and #parasopiskelumuisto #beststudentmemory!

We will be collecting these memories until 11 March, and the campaign will kick off the week of Vappu (May Day). The aim of the campaign is to bring visibility to the importance of our times as students, both for the ourselves personally and for Finnish society as a whole.

The historical work “Sukupolvensa ääni – SYL ja suomalainen ylioppilasliike” will be published at a virtual discussion event on 4 March 2021. This comprehensive book about our history provides a look into the lives, ideas and aspirations of students over a hundred years. The book can now be ordered from SYL’s online store: click here for the online store. There is also a documentary film in the works telling about SYL’s eventful history, with the premiere expected this autumn.

Join us to celebrate students, student life and the 100th anniversary of our student movement! Further information on SYL’s jubilee year can be found at www.syl100.fi


Further information:

President Annika Nevanpää

annika.nevanpaa@syl.fi, 044 906 5007

Secretary General Sonja Raitamäki

sonja.raitamaki@syl.fi, 040 741 1251

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