Exchange students must be brought back to the scope of FSHS

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and National Union of Students in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (SAMOK) call for exchange students to be given back the right to the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS). All degree students in Finnish higher education institutions, including those from EU and EEA countries and outside them, are entitled to FSHS services, but exchange students are not.

In Finland, exchange students from EU and EEA countries are only entitled to other public health care in accordance with the European Health Insurance Card. On the other hand, exchange students coming from outside these countries do not even have the right to these services. International exchange students were dropped from FSHS services in connection with the extension of the foundation and the reform of the law in 2021.

‘This is about equality between all students. As long as the individual is a student, they should be entitled to the services of FSHS, an organisation that supports and produces student health care and study ability, regardless of their country of origin’, reminds Jesse Häyhä, a member of the SYL Board.

By bringing exchange and degree students to the same level, health care would also be clearer. When all students would pay the health care fee for higher education students and thus be covered by FSHS, the system would be considerably simpler for students.

‘One system for all students would significantly reduce concerns among students. This would also guarantee that exchange students could receive help from their peers in health care services, as they would all be within the scope of the FSHS and would thus also be able to advice and help each other’, says Linda Vallenius, member of the Board of SAMOK.

Influencing the coordination of health care in the EU is also possible in the EU elections to make a simpler and more equal system possible.

Further information:

Jesse Häyhä
Board Member, SYL
044 906 5003

Linda Vallenius
Board Member, SAMOK
050 389 1015

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