The SYL Board for 2022 has been elected

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For release on 20 November 2021


The General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), which represents the approximately 130,000 students at Finnish universities, has elected a new Board for 2022. The General Assembly also made decisions on next year’s Plan of Work and SYL’s finances.

The new SYL President is Konstantin Kouzmitchev, AYY, aged 24.

As well as the President, the General Assembly also elected six Board Members:

Katariina Henttonen, LYY

Tuomas Karvonen, TREY

Elina Kuula, LYY

Suvituuli Lundmark, TYY

Tiina Pajukari, AYY

Jenna Rautionaho, TYY

“With this Board, we are in a great position to start planning and carrying out SYL’s parliamentary election lobbying next year,” the new President Konstantin Kouzmitchev says.

The General Assembly published a resolution demanding investment into education and students. “Investing in higher education and students supports the fundamental values of Finnish society. If we really want to one day be able to honestly say Finland is a model country for education, we must make the value choices in politics that will make this possible,” Kouzmitchev states.

SYL’s General Assembly was held at Hotel Korpilampi in Espoo on Friday and Saturday 19–20 November. The full Resolution from the General Assembly can be read on SYL’s website:

There are many posts on social media (, and about SYL’s General Assembly under the hashtag #SYLliittari.


More information:

Sonja Raitamäki, Secretary General, tel. 040 741 1251

Konstantin Kouzmitchev, SYL President for 2022, tel. 050 403 9529


SYL Board Members for 2022:

Katariina Henttonen, tel. 0440980082

Tuomas Karvonen, tel. 0449769145

Elina Kuula, tel. 0400379378

Suvituuli Lundmark, tel. 0407562504

Tiina Pajukari, tel. 0442595242

Jenna Rautionaho, tel. 0404194191

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