We have a new policy paper!

The amendment by the General Assembly to include an entry defining SYL as a feminist organisation in the policy paper caused a heated debate and got a lot of attention.

But the policy paper includes a multitude of other excellent and forward-looking standpoints. Equality and internationality are reflected throughout the document: among other things, we demand free education, a provider supplement to be added to the student financial aid, investments in the education of immigrants, and free early childhood education and care for all. As the new policy paper was approved, SYL now also has almost 100 concrete advocacy goals clearly defined.

It was a delight to listen to the discussions at the General Assembly. The student unions’ delegations mainly consisted of young and courageous persons, who want to change the world through their own actions and create a better future. SYL’s policy paper really reflects our movement: forward-looking, defending equality, valuing internationality, and cherishing the ideal of Bildung.

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