A letter to the Nordic ministers participating in the climate summit: Ambition and the courage to prevent climate change!

Today, the Nordic prime ministers and ministers responsible for climate issues meet in Helsinki. The purpose of the meeting is to speed up Nordic co-operation and to identify concrete joint measures to combat climate change.

Dear decision makers,

We university students are pleased with your meeting, as well as we welcome all international cooperation. Climate change is a global challenge, so solutions at national level are not enough. We hope you have the courage to take big steps forward to limit climate warming to 1.5 degrees.

With the help of science and research, we can find innovations that support the prevention of climate change and help us achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. We require that the climate and environmental consequences of all political decisions be evaluated and that all decisions should be made with the support of latest research. We hope that you will invest more in research and support Nordic co-operation that can bring us closer solutions that will save the world. Research projects in the arctic regions of the Nordic countries are particularly important to us and require more funding.

Climate change is the greatest generation political issue of our time. Climate change will especially affect us younger generations, as in the future we will have to bear the consequences for the political decisions made today. Therefore, we must always be included in finding solutions to prevent climate change!

Best regards,

University students

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