SYL takes part in the campaign ‘Kuuluu kaikille (approx. everyone’s right) for a revised Act on Legal Recognition of the Gender of Transsexuals (‘Trans Act’). The campaign is a call for a reform of the ‘Trans Act’ and provides information about the gender diversity. The objective is legislation where legal gender recognition is based on self determination instead of on a medical process and is available also to persons under 18 years of age.

SYL wholeheartedly supports the working group’s proposal. Everyone must have an equal right to bodily integrity and to be respectfully met. Finland cannot back down on our international promises or what we have promised to do in order to fulfil our human rights obligations.

‘It is way past time for a complete reform of the Trans Act. For example, the requirement that a person have to be infertile is both cruel and a serious violation of the integrity of transgender persons,’ comments SYL President Miika Tiainen.

Already last year, SYL called for a reform of the Trans Act. Read our statement here.

The objective for the #kuuluukaikille #transactnow campaign is to underline the need of  a complete reform of the ‘Trans Act’ and to provide information about gender diversity as well as how the current legislation affects the lives of individuals. Read more about the campaign (in Finnish) here.

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