Finland must condemn the attack against education and research in Turkey

The Turkish education system has come under attack from the part of the Turkish government. After the failed coup attempt last weekend, the government has undertaken systematic efforts to dismantle Turkish justice and education systems. So far 21 000 teachers, 15 200 education services employees and 1 577 managers of higher education including presidents and deans, have been dismissed or otherwise excluded from their positions.

“Authoritative regimes have also before exerted control by attacking education. This kind of activity is to be harshly condemned by all countries”, Heikki Koponen, the chairman of SYL says. “We urge prime minister Sipilä along with his government to take a strong condemning stance against the late actions of the Turkish government”, Koponen continues. The cooperation agreed upon with Turkey to deal with the refugee crisis in Europe can not mean silence in the face of human rights violations.

Quality education is a necessary prerequisite for the development of any country. The attempt to systematically dismantle the Turkish education system is intolerable.

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Heikki Koponen, president, tel 044 906 5007,

Alviina Alametsä, board member, tel 044 906 5003,

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