Free Contraception Would Eliminate a Structure Upholding Health Inequalities

For many years attempts have been made in Finland to make contraception free for people under the age of 25. This has been included in the Family Federation of Finland’s (Väestöliitto) sexual policy programme since 2006, the plan of action of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health since 2007, and in a similar programme from the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) since 2014.

Currently many political youth and citizen’s organisations are pursuing this theme in their programme for the municipal elections. On a municipal level some parties have also made free contraception their election promise.

Contraception which is free for the user would be funded by the municipality (the regions in the future). This would lead to savings as the number of abortions and STIs would go down. This is one concrete action which would eliminate factors upholding health inequality; a lack of means should not be a barrier for the use of contraception, instead every young person should have the right to take care of themselves in the best possible way.

There are of course many other reasons for not using contraception than simply a lack of money. That is why the access to and quality of sexual education should also be improved. Education clears up misunderstandings and supports a constant use of contraception.


Miila Halonen

Youth doctor, municipal election candidate (Left Alliance), Kerava

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