#goodwork – memoirs of a communications trainee

TyöhuonetuparitThis year, SYL’s communications sector has been larger than ever before with me as a communications trainee since the end of September. My three-month traineeship will come to an end before Christmas, and we have achieved much during this short time!

When I came to SYL I was happy to note that the organisation was well prepared for me. Goals and expectations had been defined for the communications trainee and I was able to form them on the basis of my own interests. Thanks to the plans, the work has felt meaningful and it has been easy to monitor my progress.

My work involved me as part of everyday communications at the office, for instance by producing content, posting on social media and offering support to the other communicative activities at the office through e.g. graphics. During this autumn, I have also worked on the projects we had agreed on for me, such as developing the processes in communications with regards to e.g. coordination of and measuring communication as well as finding, testing, and implementing new communication tools.  SYL’s goal is that everyone is to participate in everyday communication. This is why tools have been identified and training giving mainly from the perspective of them being used by everyone at the office, but also by the communications sector. At the beginning of December, SYL’s brand-new website was published.

Much work has been done, but there is also much left to do, and SYL will be looking for another communications trainee this spring. The tasks of the trainee will of course depend a lot on their wishes and interests, but I think I dare say something about the projects planned for the next trainee. Development work can be found in, for instance, how to identify topics for SYL’s content management as well as how SYL can fully take advantage of the new media monitoring. The next trainee will for sure also get to ponder how to follow-up communication campaigns.

So, if you are interested in a placement as a communications trainee, keep your ears and eyes open, and follow SYL’s announcements. I give SYL my warmest and heartfelt recommendations.  SYL has been the hands down best work community I have ever been part of. At no point have I felt like “just a trainee”, but I have been included as an equal member of the everyday life at the office as well as included in planning for the future. SYL does some extremely important work, sometimes super-intensely. But the people here also remember to relax and, most importantly, to thank colleagues for the work they have done. From a trainee perspective, I am also superbly grateful for the space SYL has provided me for growth, questions and developing myself and my job description. 5/5 endorsement!

P.s. Since we do not have an AD non-military service person yet, the communications trainee has their very own room! Imagine that!

Rosa Nylén

Communications Trainee 2016

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