Introducing the SYL Board for 2017

Riina Lumme, President

“Officially I am in my sixth year of studying political science at the University of Turku, but in reality this is my third year in the student movement, as I swap the role of Chair of TYY for leading SYL. In addition to lobbying for students’ rights I am also interested in the ins and outs of politics and singing in a choir. What motivates me most in the year to come is learning new things and working with competent people who are excited about their work.”

Tarik Ahsanullah, Vice President, communications, associations

“I am a fourth year law student from the University of Helsinki. Last year I was a member of the HYY Board, where I was in charge of ownership steering and education policy. What I look forward to the most about the coming year is to work with new, enthusiastic people within the student movement and to do some visible lobbying!”

Jyri Lähdemaa, Board Member, Education Policy

“I study drug development in Turku, and last year I was in charge of education policy on the Board of TYY. I am pleased to be able to continue this work on a national level. This year I look forward to some great annual balls – and some invitations to those, please! – but also the hard graft of lobbying and some fantastic education policy work.”

Maria Loima, Board Member, Education Policy, working life, Dare to Learn

“I study practical philosophy at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Helsinki. Having spent a few years in education policy and working life, I am really excited about this year, and a particularly interesting theme will be lifelong learning. The great learning event Dare to Learn that is being set up around this theme is something that everyone involved in the student unions should look forward to! Feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you may have – give me a wave when you see me!”

Jimmy Nylund, Social Policy (student health care, wellbeing), equality, language affairs

“Hiya! I study mechanical engineering at Aalto University, and this year I have the great honour to be lobbying for the SYL Board. Last year I was a Board member of AYY, and before that I was active in Aalto University’s Swedish-speaking student association Teknologföreningen. I look forward to working with the people at the SYL office and the student unions this year!”

Jani Sillanpää, Social Policy (student finances, housing), environment, municipal elections

“Last year I was working with social and municipal policy on the Board of TTYY, and now I’ll be doing the same sort of thing at SYL. I am a fourth year civil engineering student from Tampere University of Technology. Despite having a very hectic spring, Jimmy and I will be working to improve the social policy sector in the direction you want it to go.”

Veera Alahuhta, International Affairs and Development Cooperation

“I am a fourth year student of cultural anthropology from Oulu, and my background is on the Board of OYY, where I spent last year in charge of international affairs, associations and development cooperation. From the coming year I expect hard work, excitement, successes and amazing moments with the student movement!”

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