New staff at SYL!

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) got three new employees around the turn of the year.

Sakari Tuomisto started as SYL’s Social Policy Adviser at the beginning of December. Tuomisto is responsible for the municipal elections and advocacy work relating to students’ livelihood and student housing.

“During these first months, I have felt humbled and enthusiastic in my new position as Social Policy Adviser. There is much to do, all of it meaningful and important. The job takes both feeling and reason. Your heart must also be in the right place, since this is about the income and future of students”, Tuomisto comments.

Tuomisto has worked earlier as Advocacy Specialist at Metka, the Student Union of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, and as assistant for a member of the Finnish Parliament.

Sini Suominen was appointed SYL’s Development Policy Adviser in January.

Suominen began in the position in February, and his responsibilities as an expert include managing SYL’s development cooperation projects and coordinating the work of the Development Cooperation Advisory Board (KENKKU) made up of students.

“During these first weeks, it has been incredible to meet student activists interested in issues pertaining to development and climate, and to get familiar with the work that SYL and its partner organisation ECDD (Ethiopian Center for Disability and Development) has done in Ethiopia to support the higher education of students with disabilities. I am thrilled to have the possibility to work with these themes together with students”, Suominen enthuses.

Suominen’s earlier experience with development cooperation work has been at Women’s Bank and the Student Union of the University of Turku.

Iida-Maija Pirttiniemi started as SYL’s Communication Assistant in February.

As Communication Assistant, Pirttiniemi assist with the daily communication, but particularly with planning and implementing the communication for SYL’s 100-year celebrations.

“My work at SYL has had quite a start – both the Kick-Off Seminar for SYL and the student unions and the ongoing SYL100 anniversary year have made my schedule busy. It is extremely inspiring to get to be a part of such a professional and enthusiastic team!” Pirttiniemi says.

Pirttiniemi has earlier worked with communication e.g. at Plan International Finland and at Naisasialiitto Unioni ry (The Feminist Association Unioni) with the campaign OmaTahto2020 (OwnWill2020).


You will find the contact details for Sakari, Sini, and Iida-Maija on SYL’s website.

Welcome to the SYL team, Sakari, Sini and Iida-Maija!


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