Sustainable Development Week / Mozambique: Everyone can make a difference. Therefore, everyone is responsible

As part of the Sustainable Development Week (#kekeviikko), we interviewed people from all around the world about their thoughts on climate change. This time we turn our attention to Mozambique.

One interviewee is a highly educated Mozambican youth who is familiar with climate change as a concept. They say that it manifests itself in Mozambique primarily as increasingly rapid changes in weather. The seasons appear to be mixed up as well: it may be cold in June and unusually warm in March. Even if there are yet no exact data or estimates on the effects of climate change, the interviewee presumes that unusual weather phenomena will only increase in the future. They are also worried about the health impact of climate change on humans.

However, the youth says that Mozambican people in general are not worried about climate change, and it isn’t talked about much in schools. In other words, the issue isn’t a well-known one in Mozambique today. It is therefore essential that locals get more information about climate change and about ways to protect the environment. The interviewee was of the opinion that education is in a key position, in climate matters as in other areas, to make sure that the next generation will still have a habitable living environment.

While many people seem to disagree, the Mozambican youth thinks that climate change is everyone’s responsibility. All of us have a chance to do our part in making the environment and the climate better. This is why we as individuals need to act, and also share enough information so that others know how to change their behaviour. If we do nothing, the effects of climate change will likely become even more harmful in the future.

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Salla Mäkelä
SYL Development Policy Adviser

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