SYL published equality guide for events

SYL has published equality quide for its events. SYL wants to increase equality through lobbying and also ensure that it is implemented in our own activities. The student movement wants to act as a pioneer and build the practices that improves equality so that everyone can fully participate in the movement. Equality is one of SYL’s four values.

Together with student unions SYL has prepared equality guidelines for organizing events. We are committed to making our events as equal, accessible and safe for all participants as possible.

Equality guidelines have been made as concrete as possible. They include instructions for planning and organizing the event, for the event itself, and even for the time after the event. An event organizer’s checklist has been included to make it easier to put equality into practise.

SYL encourages its members and all stakeholders to think about their own activities also from the point of view of equality.   We believe that there is a need for will and commitment. Take a New Year’s promise to help the progress of equality!

SYL’s Equality Guidelines for organizing events can be found here or in SYL’s material bank.

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