SYL reminder for the government spending limits discussion: Important to fund lifelong learning

Prime Minister Sipilä’s government will meet 10–11 April for its last discussion on spending limits this government period. The continuous need for learning, both now and in the future, has become one of the main themes for the vision for higher education prepared by the Ministry of Education of Culture.  Working life and the world around us are changing fast, and it becomes ever more important that people update their competencies.

SYL would like to remind the government that there have already been significant cuts in education during this government term. Assigning higher education institutions (HEIs) with new tasks without more funding is not in anyone’s interest. SYL has proposed a sharing of resources in higher education as part of the work on the vision. This could be achieved, for example, by a platform-like model that would make it possible to offer the instruction provided by one HEI to a larger group of people. We would like to invite all higher education institutions and interest groups to take part in this work.

‘If companies and employers feel that updating employees’ competencies will increase the companies’ competitiveness, the companies should also take part in financing the system,’ comments SYL President Miika Tiainen. Hence, SYL demands that the Government presents proposals on how the funding of lifelong learning may be sustainably widened in such a way that it does not compromise free education and is equally available to everyone who wishes to update their competencies, regardless of their economic situation.

Students will gather thoughts on lifelong learning from decision makers on the morning of the government spending limits discussion, Tuesday 10 April.

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Eero Manninen

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