SYL: University uniforms pave way to education

Finnish universities should introduce university uniforms. University uniforms will reduce students’ experiences of inequality – in terms of wealth for example – and increase community spirit among students. A university uniform would serve as a work suit for students.

We can also justify the introduction of university uniforms from the history of Finnish student caps. Nikolai I found that it is easier to control problem students in the empire when they can be identified by their uniform.

A state-sponsored university uniform should accompany the acceptance letter in the mail and should always be worn on campus. There should be self-service laundries and repair points on campus where students can wash, iron and patch their own uniform. This would ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to take care of their uniform.

Wearing uniforms is effective. Big successes like Steve Jobs or Donald Duck are known for having only one outfit. This saves mental capacity and time every morning, when you don’t have to think about what to wear. It’s also practical because you won’t have to buy separate clothes for each season.

Wearing a uniform also teaches important work and life skills. By washing, ironing and maintaining school uniforms, students learn to be careful and punctual, for example.

The introduction of school uniforms would require determined political leadership from Minister of Science and Culture Antti Kurvinen. The minister could also, if he so wished, support regionalism by encouraging universities to create uniforms based on the region’s national folk costume. It’s time for communal higher education policy to take a step towards a more equal university community.

The pros beat the cons by a mile.


Konstantin Kouzmitchev
044 906 5007

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