SYL’s new climate network has been selected

The members of the National Union of University Students in Finland’s (SYL) Climate Network for the 2024–2025 term have been selected. The objective of the Climate Network is to develop the climate action by SYL and student unions and to strengthen the role of students in the work against the climate crisis. The Climate Network consists of actors in the student unions who brainstorm and develop the climate impacts of the student movement, participate in climate action as an advisory body and support the board in climate action.

Iikka Meriläinen (LYY) was elected chair of the Climate Network.

‘The Climate Network provides excellent support for SYL’s sustainable development and climate action. It is great to see how the Climate Network brings together students from different fields. I expect that we’ll be able to define what the Climate Network is during this coming term’, says Meriläinen.

The Climate Network was established in 2022 as a pilot to examine how SYL and other student union actors could develop their climate impact. Over the past two years, the Climate Network’s operating methods and forms have become established. The coming term beginning on 1 July will be characterised in particular by work on a vision for the network’s objectives, target groups and long-term operating methods.

In addition, the following people were selected as members of the network:
Wilma Branders (AYY)
Juuso Määttä (AYY)
Sakari Ropponen (AYY)
Katja Immonen (LTKY)
Saga Laitinen (LTKY)
Eerika Närhi (LTKY)

Further information:

Jaakko Sirén
Board Member, education policy (student admissions, open university, continuous learning, quality of education, academic affairs), ESU, climate policy
044 906 5002

Meri Leppänen
Development Policy Adviser
+358 44 780 0220

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