SYL’s vision for EU engagement 2023–2025 has been published

The vision for EU engagement of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) has been published. The vision sets out the main objectives of SYL’s EU engagement in 2023–2025.

‘In recent years, international politics, the coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine and climate change have had a severe impact on students’ lives. This increasingly worsening global situation has also made the European Union ever more important. The EU is also planning further major changes to European education policy, which requires the student movement to have clear visions of the future’, comments Yuri Birjulin, SYL’s International Affairs and EU Lobbying Adviser, on the vision.

The aim of this vision is to set out SYL’s views on key EU policy themes for higher education students and the future of the EU in general. The vision is based on SYL’s policy paper, the previous EU strategy, and SYL’s generally established positions in its EU advocacy. The vision has two parts: positions on education and training, and positions on the development of the EU at a more general level.

You can find the vision here.

Further information:

Yuri Birjulin
International Affairs and EU Lobbying Adviser
+358 (0) 40 0174913

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