The FSHS expansion will culminate next year – what does it mean for the student?

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) was established on February 13, 1954. After many decades of active advocacy work, FSHS’s services will also be extended to students of universities of applied sciences as of January 1, 2021, when the new law on health care for university students enters into force. You can read more about the various twists and turns and achievements in the history of FSHS on the FSHS website. The expansion of FSHS services for students of universities of applied sciences is really significant for the equality of health services for university students.

But what does January 1, 2021 actually mean in terms of FSHS services? Among other things, more staff, new service points all over Finland and new ways of producing health services for university students. FSHS’s services are built around a so-called responsibility team and centrally produced services, which are based on the student’s need for services. The responsible team consists of, for example, general practitioners, health nurses, and nurses familiar with psychiatric nursing, and physiotherapists. The responsible team collaborates with psychologists, psychiatrists and oral health professionals, among others, as needed. Compiled information on the expansion of FSHS can be found on the FSHS 2021 pages. The link provides information on the services themselves, national service points, FSHS services and the health care fee.

What should be taken into account in this transition phase of FSHS services from the student’s point of view? It is particularly important to note that the FSHS health care fee will be paid separately to Kela in the future, as Kela acts as the organizer of student health care, whereas the FSHS provides the actual services. The health care fee is EUR 71.60 in 2021. The fee per semester is therefore EUR 35.80. You’ll find more information about the fee behind this link and you can already pay the spring semester fee. At the same time, FSHS visit fees will be removed, i.e. all FSHS services will be available at the price of the health care fee.

SYL and SAMOK have been very closely involved in all advocacy work related to the expansion of the FSHS, and active cooperation will continue as before after January 1, 2021. Students have a key role and influence in the various FSHS institutions, for example with the delegation, boards, health working groups and the new national student council, which will start operating in 2021.

It is really important that the voice of the students is heard and influences all FSHS activities, and it is great that, at the turn of the year, that voice and influence will be strengthened with the expansion of FSHS operations to the University of Applied Sciences!


Touko Niinimäki

Social Policy Advisor

Touko Niinimäki
Social Policy Adviser (student health care, well-being, equality)

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