The new SYL Advisory Board for Development Cooperation has been selected

The members of the SYL Advisory Board for Development Cooperation for the 2024–2025 term have been selected. The Advisory Board for Development Cooperation, or KENKKU, consists of student representatives appointed by different student unions. It is responsible for the management of SYL’s development cooperation projects together with the SYL Board member responsible for development cooperation and a development policy expert and participates in lobbying and fundraising. Currently, SYL has two ongoing projects funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Ethiopia and Zambia.

Antti Ala-Heikkilä (TREY) was elected chair of the advisory board.

‘The advisory board is involved in genuinely effective work, while offering a special learning opportunity for promoting sustainable development in an operating environment outside Finland. I look forward to the beginning of the new term and cooperation between the student unions’, says Ala-Heikkilä.

In addition, the following people were selected as members of the advisory board:

Mantė Žygelytė (AYY)
Johanna Virtanen (TYY)
Henna Mäkelä (LYY)
Venla Lehtinen (HYY)
Elias Hirvikoski (HYY)
Poojika Amarakoon (HYY)
Afaf Alam (JYY)
Helena Kärppä (HYY, continuing)
Anni Vakkuri (OYY, continuing)
Saara Pirhonen (TREY, continuing)
Aino Rönkä (TYY, continuing)

The advisory board’s tasks include preparing annual reports and other project documents, communicating about sustainable development and preparing background reports for lobbying. In addition, the members of the advisory board participate in communicating about the projects.

Further information:

Aino Halinen
Board Member, social policy (student finances, housing), sustainability, development cooperation
044 906 5007

Meri Leppänen
Development Policy Adviser
+358 44 780 0220

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