The Sustainable Development Weeks held at university campuses start with a nationwide event on Friday 27 September

Press release 24.9.


SYL and the student unions will hold the Sustainable Development Weeks in October. During this time, the student unions will focus attention on the theme of sustainable development both locally on the campuses and through their social media channels (hashtag #kekeviikko). With the event, students want to remind people of the importance of making more climate-friendly choices.

The Sustainable Development Weeks start with the nationwide Recycle Your Disposable Cups (“Kahvikupit kiertoon”) event on Friday 27 September. During the event, students will leave the disposable coffee cups they have purchased on the campus in one pile. The coffee cups are calculated at the end of the event, and the numbers will be published on SYL’s social media channels. The event will be carried out in six different locations.

With the event, students want to remind people that making everyday, environmentally-friendly choices is not always easy or simple. The purpose of the event is to make people see that we need more researched information on genuinely climate-friendly choices in order to make these choices possible on an individual level.

University students are particularly concerned about climate change, the effects of which impact young and future generations heavily. The underage children and young people of today cannot take all the responsibility for climate actions, as they simply do not have the time for it. That’s why we need climate actions now!


Student unions taking part in the event:

Student Union of the University of Helsinki

Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland

Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä

Student Union of the University of Lapland

Student Union of the University of Oulu

Student Union of the University of Turku


Event times and locations:

HYY: In the courtyard of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Unioninkatu 37 // at 16-20

ISYY / Joensuu: Student Restaurant Carelia

ISYY / Kuopio: Snellmania

JYY: Agora (hall)

LYY: The main hall of the University of Lapland

OYY: Green racks, Linnanmaa campus

TYY: Yliopistonkatu // klo 12


More information:

SYL Development Policy Adviser Salla Mäkelä,

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