The SYL 100 themed alumni evening was celebrated in a pleasant atmosphere

At the beginning of October, SYL organised a SYL 100 themed evening for alumni at Lapinrinne. The evening was a success in every way. During the evening we went over events and ideas for the upcoming anniversary year, saw some familiar faces and had a nice chat over a glass of wine. 

The main event was the presentation of the SYL 100 history book. Details about the ongoing research and writing process of the history book were shared by chair of the board Veijo Åberg and researchers Laura Puro and Antti Parpola at our partner company Spiritus Historiae Oy. That way, both our alumni and everyone currently at SYL had a chance to hear about news regarding the historical research of our hundred year old organisation straight from the authors’ mouths. At the end of the presentation, we heard comments from alumni sharing interesting stories from different decades. Some had even brought with them old material they thought could help us bring the history of our union to present light. During the evening, we presented our alumni with the opportunity to record their own stories or memoirs on a video camera, and many of them grasped the opportunity. We are grateful for each and every one of them!

The alumni evening also saw the debut of the SYL 100 trailer video, in which the campaign patrons, Finland’s former president Tarja Halonen and the highly respected industrialist Jorma Eloranta, together with SYL:s current President Sanni Lehtinen, explained why the project is also important from a societal standpoint. Watch the video here. The video was executed in cooperation with Parad Fakta. We are very proud of the video and we wish that it will inspire others to take part in enthusing over the SYL 100 year. The video is also meant to serve as a means to introduce and market SYL:s upcoming anniversary year to a broader public. 

Please follow our website for up-to-date information about our anniversary year and its events. Naturally we hope that all of our alumni will be actively participating in the celebration of our hundred year history. After all, SYL:s 100-year journey is your journey. At the same time we hope to show the broader public how important the student movement has been in building the Finnish welfare society. 

During the alumni evening, we started the fundraising to cover the expenses of the jubilee year, and our wonderful alumni immediately contributed beyond our expectations! During that first evening, we received over 2,000 euros in donations and commitments from our alumni. A huge thank you to all contributors! In the future, we will also keep informing our alumni of news related to the fundraising.

The hour when we will be raising a toast to honour a hundred years of SYL at Finlandia Hall is but a short moment away. This is why we wish to invite all of you to celebrate the eve of the jubilee year and to prepare for celebration with us! 


Eero Manninen

Secretary General

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