The university students’ election platform for the parliamentary elections 2019: ‘We need policies that give young people hope!’

The National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) and the university student unions have published a joint election platform for the parliamentary elections 2019: Our time is now. As the election approaches, university students want to make everyone aware of how political decisions affect young people and future generations, as well as what kind of decisions on generational policy are desperately needed now.

The platform Our time is now highlights especially the insecurity young people feel about the future: We worry about the uncertain labour market, our salary development which is weaker than that of previous generations, the stagnation of the increase in the population’s level of education, the weakening of the welfare state and its financial basis, the increase in inequality and the feeling of powerlessness in the face of global challenges.

The above mentioned are challenges that the university students demand solutions for in our election platform.

The university students approach the themes of intergenerational equity from the perspective of students. We hope that accessible, high-quality education, services and social security that maintain the ability to study, internationality and sustainable development goals are key factors in guaranteeing the success of Finland and coming generations also in the future.

In our election platform, we also underline how important it is to create a sustainable society that is also fair to young people. Hence, intergenerational equity is an overall theme in the advocacy objectives for the university student movement as well as in our communication.

SYL and the university students of Finland hope that the next elections will put focus on intergenerational policy and that the worry young people are feeling will not be disregarded.

Contact details:

SYL President Miika Tiainen, ph. +358 44 906 5007

SYL Secretary General Eero Manninen, ph. +358 45 631 7145

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