Volunteering for Dare to Learn – for the joy of learning

Curious about how the world’s most interesting learning event is built? Shortly: through collaboration and courageous learners. Here are just few reasons why Dare to Learn organization is not only a can-do community, but how it also gives great opportunities for individual team members.

First, team members are supported to challenge themselves throughout volunteering. We are going to have a concept of “Dare learning paths” in which team member goes from orientation packages to personal learning goals, whether it be social media marketing or CAD. Renewing and enhancing learning doesn’t start in the first day of our event – it starts every day, within our team.

Second, team members are encouraged to take step outside the box. Want to try out media content production besides funding stuff? We are a big fan of job rotation. Where there is motivation, learning and competencies will follow.

Third, team members not only make, but are Dare to Learn. There is hardly anything established yet nor no-one saying “this is how it has always been”. We see this as a huge perk. As a volunteer, you have the chance to co-build a community, an organizational culture, and new ways of working. If you get motivated by creating from the scratch, we believe this is your place.

We will need all kinds of volunteers from team leaders to in-event workers; all of them are highly valued. However, at the moment we are especially looking for core team members who can work for Dare to Learn flexibly but regularly throughout the year 2017. If this is calling your name, give yourself up today! Contact Anni, anni.klutas[at]gmail.com or Akseli, huhtanen.a[at]gmail.com

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