A sustainable economy requires safeguarding biodiversity

During the elections and government formation talks, the main topic of discussion has been balancing the state budget. We all agree that excessive debt is not sustainable. At the same time, however, I wonder what is the cost of the debt we are now taking on if we do not take the necessary steps to protect biodiversity.

Today is International Day for Biological Diversity. One in nine Finnish species is at risk of extinction. As many as one in three bird species are endangered. Finland is committed to stopping biodiversity loss by 2030, but at the same time, we are living through the sixth wave of human-induced extinction.

Viable nature is our lifeline. Without biodiversity, we would have no food, drink, or oxygen. We would have to do it ourselves if nature could not provide these. Neglecting biodiversity will be very costly. The World Economic Forum estimates that up to half of the world’s gross domestic product is based on nature or the services it provides. The loss of biodiversity is part of the environmental crisis, and the climate crisis cannot be solved without halting the loss of nature.

Of the parties discussing in the House of Estates, National Coalition Party and SFP responded to the SYL and SAMOK party survey that they intend to promote the halting of biodiversity loss by 2030 in the next parliamentary term. Preservation of biodiversity requires immediate conservation and restoration measures. Furthermore, the irreplaceable value of nature is not currently reflected in market prices. Therefore, we also need a significant systemic change: a key cause of nature loss is the current linear economic system, where the economy requires enormous amounts of raw materials to function.

Dear negotiators at the House of Estates. A more sustainable system requires far-reaching decisions. Biodiversity loss threatens our future and is a generational issue. Make wise decisions and remember our future!

Sonja Naalisvaara
Social Policy Adviser (student finances, housing)

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