SYL thanks the government for RDI investments – student well-being still sidelined

The government has concluded its budget framework sessions ahead of schedule, thereby completing its fiscal plan for 2023–2026. From the students’ perspective, the results are a mixed bag: the planned research cuts were cancelled, and the academic field will receive support in the form of a comprehensive RDI package and an RDI tax incentive. As expected, an income limit increase of 50 per cent was introduced for student financial aid. However, there were no investments in the students’ well-being.

‘The government’s RDI investments are a significant step in the right direction. They would do well to continue on this path in the future’, SYL’s President of the Board Konstantin Kouzmitchev says.

In order to reach the agreed goals of raising the Finnish level of education and science funding, additional long-term funding for research and education is sorely needed.

SYL previously proposed a five-point plan to prevent students from dropping out of higher education and making it easier for them to return to their studies. In this respect, the framework session was disappointing, but our advocacy work for the students’ cause continues. We cannot afford to let capable students to drop out.

We welcome the RDI funding, but the government has clearly not completely understood the importance of investing in the students’ well-being and livelihood. The election term is drawing to a close, and there is not much time left to meet the students’ needs and expectations. However, the government still has opportunities to find solutions that support student well-being and prevent students from dropping out of higher education.

Further information:

Konstantin Kouzmitchev
President of the Board, National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL)
+358 44 906 5007.

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